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Six Triangles

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What is Six Triangles?

Six Triangles is a political alignment quiz that attempts to place your beliefs in 6 triangles. Many quizzes use 2d scales, where you are, for example, democratic or authoritarian. However, some people may believe that the government should have little say in their lives, whether democratic or authoritarian, and thus, they might vote no to both democratic and authoritarian questions. This quiz attempts to resolve that by measuring the combination of 3 attributes. While this isn't perfect, it aims to be able to give a better method of comparison than most quizzes.

What are the triangles?


Control - People who believe in control believe that most industries should be nationalized and run by the government

Regulation - People who believe in regulation believe that the government must take a heavy hand in regulating private industry

Markets - People who believe in markets believe that the government must leave the market alone and not interfere with it

Personal Freedom

Freedom - People who believe in freedom believe that people should be free to criticize the government and leaders without consequences

Security - People who believe in security believe that the state must have powers to ensure that its people are safe

Truth - People who believe in truth believe that people should be held accountable for misleading statements and actions


Tradition - People who believe in tradition believe that laws should be in place to enforce traditional morals

Progress - People who believe in progress believe that laws should be in place to enforce the public good

Freedom - People who believe in freedom believe that people should be free to choose whether to follow traditional morals or the public good


Opportunity - People who believe in equality of opportunity believe that people should all have an equal chance to succeed. Those who do the best with their opportunity are rewarded more.

Outcome - People who believe in equality of outcome believe that there should be limits to how much or how little you can earn to ensure that everyone is able to get by

Burden - People who believe in equality of burden believe that no person should have to give up a disproportionate amount of what they have earned to allow others to be able to succeed


Democracy - People who believe in democracy believe that the popular will should govern.

Authority - People who believe that those in power should have absolute authority with or without the popular will.

Minarchy - People who believe in minarchy believe that the government should be small or even non-existent.

Foreign Policy

Imperialism - People who believe in imperialism believe that their nation has the right to influence other nations for its own gain.

Isolationism - People who believe in isolationism believe that their nation should not get involved with the other nations, instead focusing on itself.

Globalism - People who believe in globalism believe that their nation should ally and influence other nations for the benefit of the world's population.

Yet Another Quiz?

As I receive feedback on this quiz, I've been realizing that there's several things I can do better, but due to substantial differences, it's not really possible to modify this website to have these new changes (which as far as I know have not been used in any major political quiz). Additionally, making major changes to this website is difficult, as the other languages were translated by volunteers, and if I just update the English site, the other languages will not remain up to date, and I will either have to stop supporting them or have to deal with making multiple variations of the quiz work. As such, for the new Political Quiz I'm designing, I want to address as many issues as possible before I publish it and people translate it. For this reason, I want to run surveys ahead of time to get a better understanding of both what axes are important to people and any desired features. The second survey is here: https://forms.gle/f9K4yxc93JXcrro66. This will probably be the last survey, though by completing it, you will receive an invite to a discord server that you can optionally join to test specific multiple-choice questions for the new quiz. If you want to ensure your views are represented and that the features you want are included, filling this survey out will help me better understand and ensure they are included!


The website is set up so the quiz can support multiple languages. If you know a language that's not on here (or spot a typo/error in one that is), feel free to open an issue or send an email to sixtrianglespoliticalquiz@gmail.com to help translate it. :)